The Rules and Regulations
for the hard enduro motorcycle tournament
The goals of the tournament are: promotion of motorcycling, attracting amateur and professional athletes to off-road motorcycling, development of Culture for Club and amateur competitions, media involvement, enhancing interest in motorcycling, revealing the strongest athletes.
2.1. Registration of the entrants
Competition venue: Vladivostok city, Primorsky territory. 
Prologue of the race 06th Oct. 2018; off-road race days 07th Oct. – 08st Oct. 2018.

Entry applications are available till 25th Sept. 2018 via the internet web-site

The participant will be included into the Starting list only after filling in the application form, its verification and paying the entry fee 100%. (Cash pay on registration only after phone call to Aleksandr Pozdnyakov +79025552177)
We strongly recommend to advise the Race office via phone or email about the remittance of the entry fee.

Original documents will be checked at the Administrative Inspection.
Eligible entries: racers aged 18 and older, having applied through 25th Sept 2018, having valid certificate of insurance for the total not less than 100.000 RUB and having paid the 100% of the entry fee.

Competition licence:  
All the competitors need the following 2018 competition licence for competing at ON THE EDGE 2018:
a.- Russian citizens need a national MFR ol Local branch of MFR Enduro or Cross Country licence
b.- Foreign citizens need one of the licence listed below:
1)  International FIM Enduro or Cross-Country licence or..
2)  UEM Enduro or Rally Raid licence or..
3)  National licence from the motorcycling federation of the country of which he is a national or in which the applicant is a permanent resident, with written start permission by the FIM recognized motorsports federation allowing to compete at Open Enduro championship of Primorsky Region.
If you don't, have a competition licence yet.
4)  written permission from your national motorsport federation to have a event licence issued by the MFR Russian Motorcycling Federation (this licence can be purchased in Vladivostok at the race) 
If purchasing a event licence from Russian Motorcycling Federation seems to be the best solution for you, and you face problems getting the permission from your national federation, then please report to 

Valid certificate of insurance for the total not less than 100.000 RUB 

For entrants under 18 years of age it is necessary to deliver the written permission from the parents to race in this tournament.
The entry fee includes overnight stay at the finish location of the first race day, with dinner and breakfast, refueling during the race and after the first off-road race, event souvenirs and prizes.

If the entrant refuses to race and notifies the Race office about it before 15st Sept. 2018, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.
If the entrant refuses to race and notifies the Race office about it after 15st Sept. 2018, the entry fee will not be refunded.
If it is found impossible to race at the tournament due to medical reasons (trauma etc.), 50% will be deducted from the entry fee.
All participants must hand in the GPS units during the Administrative Inspection.
Starting numbers will be assigned to participants via electronic draw.
Organizers will inform about the beginning of the race course marking (flagging).
If any participants are found within the marked areas, they will be disqualified from the race, and the entry fee will not be refunded.
More precise schedule and locations (if amended) will be announced via Extra regulation.
05 Oct 2018 (Friday), Russkaya str, 100 , 690105, Vladivostok, Russia
10.00-19.30 Technical Inspection, Administrative Inspection, issuing of starting numbers, collecting GPS units, delivering of electronic keys.
  20.00 Mandatory briefing!!! The attendance of all registered participants is compulsory!!!
For the Technical inspection the participant shall present: 
A motorcycle due to the requirements stipulated in the regulations, a helmet, and an obligatory entrant’s set (specified in the regulations).
For the Administrative inspection the participant shall present a valid certificate of insurance, other documents, application form.
It will be allowed to leave the equipment in the Restricted area (guarded).
06 Oct 2018 (Saturday), Aksakovskaya str,  3a, Vladivostok
!!! The attendance of all registered participants is compulsory!!!
12.00 Start of the Prologue QF
Prologue Start, Finals
Summing up the results
20.00 Mandatory briefing Russkaya str, 100 , 690105, Vladivostok, Russia
07th Oct, 2018 (Sunday) Russkaya str, 100 , 690105, Vladivostok, Russia
7.00-7.30am Delivering of GPS units
Participants collect their belongings to move to the overnight stay location.
7.30am  Restricted area – gate open
8.00am  Start of the 1st race day
Closure of the race course according to the established time allowance.
Finish the 1st race day. After finishing every participant must hand in the GPS unit.
Maintenance of the machines, then parking at the Restricted area (guarded), leisure facility “Mayak” (“Lighthouse”).
21.00 Obligatory briefing for all participants (can be shifted to the next morning)
08st Oct, 2018 (Monday), leisure facility “Mayak”
7.00-7.30am Delivering of GPS units
7.30am  Restricted area – gate open
8.00am  Start of the 2nd race day
Closure of the race course according to the established time allowance.
Finish, Vladivostok, 
Summing up the results of the competitions
21.00 Award ceremony
Return of GPS units
Class «Sport»:
Participants who have achieved a certain degree in motorsport, experienced any motorcycle events/tournaments in classes “HARD” and “MOTO MASTER” in the past, ranked within Top-3 due to season records of motorsport series (classes “OPEN” and “Amateur”), enlisted in the Priority list (a list compiled by the organizers due to the experience and results of distinct athletes).
Class “SPORT” entrants are not allowed to race in other classes (of lower levels).
Class «OPEN»
Entrants with racing experience in similar events, or with enough practice of off-road driving.
!!!! Class «HOBBY»
This class is for non-experienced drivers (with simplified course layout).
For the “HOBBY” class entrants it is only qualification in the Prologue QF (Friday).
For the rest regulations, the “HOBBY” class entrants should refer to the General rules.
For classes “Sport” and “Open” all entrants may be ranked by classes Enduro 1 (E1), Enduro 2 (E2), Enduro 3 (E3) due to the Russian classification guideline and FIM classification policy.
Eligible motorcycles: “cross” type and “enduro” type motorcycles complying with “All-Russia general rules for motorcycle competitions”.
!!! Attention !!! All motorcycles involved in the tournament, must have a working headlight, or be equipped with extra lights ensuring safety driving in the dusk.
!!! Attention !!! On entrants' motorcycles ONLY OFFICIAL NUMBERS issued by the organizers are allowed. It there are other side numbers, different from the numbers issued for the tournament, the entrant must take all available measures to eliminate other numbers from the vehicle to avoid confusion.
All entrants are obliged to place on their motorcycles the compulsory advertising of the sponsors and partners of the tournament. Offence of this stipulation will lead to penalty equal to penalty for having side numbers different from the issued by the Race office for the tournament. 

There are no restrictions for tires used for the race.
The organizers reserve the right to randomly inspect the entrants' vehicles at any stage of the tournament in addition to the compulsory Technical Inspection  when registering.
!!!!! Attention !!! Every entrant must carry and present at the Registration following items:
A working cell phone in a package which ensures its preservation and moisture protection
A set of new spare batteries for the GPS unit
A kit of basic tools for urgent repair 
•    A tire tube repair kit (glue, patches) or spare tube, minimum 1 piece for the front tire, tools for tire repair (tire lever, air pump etc.)!!! 
Abovementioned is applicable if mousses are not used!
A working flashlight
•    A lighter (or matches in a waterproof case)
•    Wind/moisture proof jacket (unless the entrant wears it during the race)
•    At least 1 liter of drinking water
•    Entrants for the class “SPORT” compete at a separate track, which partially crosses the track for the class «OPEN”; class “HOBBY” has a shortened track.
•    Starting order:
•    Starting time for off-road days will be determined individually for each entrant and will be available at the GPS pickup point.
•    Prologue:
•    Qualification:
Class «OPEN” starts first, then class “SPORT”, 1 lap for each class.
Entrants start one by one (or two by two) with clocking.
For the class “HOBBY” the Prologue is not compulsory, finals are not scheduled.
Top-8 athletes in each class will race in the final heat of the Prologue.
Finals are run by mass-start.
Based on the results of the Prologue, the penalty time will be charged to the race time as follows:
1st place - 0 sec, and the winner in each class selects the starting place for the first off-road day.
2nd place  +30 sec
3rd place  +1 min
4th place  +1 min 30 sec
5th place  +2 min
6th place  +3 min
7th place  +4 min
8th place  +5 min
due to the results of the finals in each class.
The entrant who missed the hurdle on the track course in the Prologue final will be ranked the 8th (last).
Entrants from 9th and further   +10 min (provided that they completed the Prologue course).
Non-participation in the Prologue for classes “SPORT” and “OPEN” will be penalized by 30 min.
After the Prologue, all entrants are to refuel the vehicles by themselves!!! Parking the vehicles in the Restricted area in Vladivostok.
Off-road race days:
Class “SPORT” starts first, then follows class “OPEN”, class “Hobby” starts the last.
Starting order:
For the Prologue: according to issued start numbers; for the Day 1: due to the results of the Prologue; for the Day 2: due to the results of the Day 1.
Starting time  interval:
For the Prologue QF - 30 seconds
For the race days - 30 seconds (in case of dust - 1 minute).
If the entrant catches up with the other entrant with lower speed, the slower entrant MUST yield to the faster entrant, be polite to each other.
Course for each race day, as well as the time allowance for each class will be announced at the briefing for the day.
During the race days, one minute before the start the entrant has to push his bike to the starting line.
Engine start is allowed only after the sign “START/GO”  simultaneously with the clocking start.
If the engine does not start within 15 seconds, the entrant must leave the start zone in order not to detain other entrants to start.
If the entrant is late for the assigned starting time, the starting order will not be shifted, and the starting time will be recorded as scheduled.
Penalties at the start line:
Starting the engine on the start line before the “START” signal – 5 minutes
Bike work within the starting area before the “START” signal  – 5 minutes
!!!!!After finishing all entrant must deliver GPS units to the Race office!!!
Entrants are allowed to:
- use any tool and any spare parts in the Service area,
- use the help of mechanics in the service zone,
- use the mechanic’s help when refueling. Refuelling is allowed only in specially equipped points, designated by the Judge committee before the race,
- within the course distance use any tools and spare parts carried together.
shortcuts excessing acceptable limits and giving advantage to the entrant – 10/20/30/ minutes for each shortcut, depending on the complexity of the section (at every section only 1 time penalty can be applied)
over 2 shortcuts, that led to getting advantage  – did not finish (DNF).
smoking when refueling – disqualification  (DSQ)
refueling the vehicle with running engine  – disqualification  (DSQ)
touching the vehicle of another entrant – disqualification  (DSQ)
•    driving without a helmet (or not fastened helmet) in either allowed area  – disqualification  (DSQ)
•    counterdriving  – disqualification  (DSQ)
•    engine start in the pre-start area – 10 minutes
•    throwing garbage and/or drainage of oil at any point of the course – 60 minutes + a fine 5000 RUB.
•    missing parts of the course in the GPS unit, which does not let control the completion of the course  – 60 minutes
•    no track data in GPS unit  – did not finish (DNF)
•    Loss of electronic key – did not finish (DNF) + pecuniary penalty in the amount of key’s cost!!
•    loss of GPS unit  – did not finish (DNF)
•    presence of other numbers different from the issued  – 10 minutes.
•    unsportsmanlike conduct (violation of the rules, disrespect for other entrants and organizers) – 1st warning
•    2nd warning – disqualification (DSQ)
•    The lap time allowance for each class is to be set by additional rules.
•    If the entrant does not meet the lap time (or control section) allowance, he will be penalized as follows: actual lap time  minus lap time allowance multiplied by two, plus the lap time allowance (i.e., minutes over the lap time allowance will be doubled).
•    Example:
•    Lap time allowance is 1h40m, actual lap time (or control section) is 2h05m; recorded time will be: 2h05m – 1h40m = 25m, double 25m = 50m, plus 1h40m, time record will be 2h30m.
•    If the entrant did not finish the lap or day (whole distance of the lap/day), i.e. DNF, his time record will be: the day worst result + 1h.
If the entrant misses 2 check-points or makes 2 shortcuts and over, his time record will be identical to the DNF entrant, such entrant is considered DNF.
Points are awarded according to the rank position in each class as follows:
1st place     -    25 points    9th place    -    12 points
2nd place    -    22 points    10th place    -    11 points
3rd place    -    20 points    11th place    -    10 points
4th place    -    18 points    12th place    -    9 points
5th place    -    16 points    --- place    -    -- points
6th place    -    15 points    18th place    -    3 points
7th place    -    14 points    19th place    -    2 points
8th place    -    13 points    20th place    -    1 point

Attention! The entrant which got DNF for both race days (including DNF for GPS control and/or shortcuts) will be disqualified, removed from the race and its result will not be determined!!!
(i.e., in order to get results the entrant must complete the course lap of the day).
For safety purposes, the entrant who started the race and decided to retire (the race or the course), must personally notify the judges.
A towing point may be set-up on the track (at the 2/3 of the course distance). If the entrant reaches this point after the time allowance is expired, he may be forwarded to the finishing point via special shortcut and penalized as DNF. 
!!!!!Orienteering on the course!!!!!!!
All entrants ride on the course track using the GPS navigation units.
The using of GPS unit is obligatory!!!
Deviation from the course is allowed on some sections of the track within reasonable limits, from 5 to 30 meters depending on the track section.
There will be additional marking on the course (ribbons, signs etc.)
Deviation from the track beyond reasonable limits, which may gain advantage for the entrant, will be considered as shortcut or non-completing of the course.
Entrants ranked top-5 in each class will be awarded.
All entrants are allowed to use an additional (extra) GPS unit, in which case it must be delivered to the Race office together with the main unit. For servicing of an extra GPS unit an extra fee 500 RUB will be charged.
For the tournament the electronic system is used for refereeing.
During the Administrative and Technical inspections all entrants will receive electronic keys.
The loss of electronic key will be judged as DNF for the day!!!!!!!
To ensure the quality of refereeing at the tournament, the electronic refereeing using navigation systems will be involved.
To enable electronic refereeing, every entrant must have a GPS navigation unit.
The results of the entrants without GPS units will not be considered by the Judge committee.
GPS unit shall be delivered to the Judge committee for labeling, testing and pre-loading of the course model.
The GPS unit will be returned to the entrant directly before the start in the race day, and in the end of the race day it must be delivered back to the Judge committee for checking.
Consideration of GPS units data will be done after every stage of the tournament by the Chief Judge and GPS officer.
The Chief judge has the right to inquire to the entrant about the course.
The Chief judge can involve other judges for advise on the course analysis. 
The final decision on the entrant’s course data is done by the Chief judge personally, without the entrant’s involvement and his presence, based solely upon recommendations of the GPS officer and advise of the Judge team.
If there are missing data in the GPS unit about the completion of the course or missing data on some sections of the course, the Chief judge has the right to penalize the entrant (if some data is missing) or nullify the enytant’s results and consider the entrant DNF if the course data are missing completely.
If among course data any sections with non-regulated (not allowed) or reverse direction are found, these sections are considered shortcuts and non-completion of the sections.
If the entrant deviates from the assigned course beyond the allowed limits, stipulated in the Regulations, he shall return to the point where the deviation occurred, and continue driving the assigned track.
In this case such deviation will not be considered as the violation of the course.
If the entrant deviates from the assigned course beyond the allowed limits and returns to the course at the point different from the point where the deviation occurred, such deviation will be considered by the Judge committee, and the Chief judge has the right to consider such deviation as retire or shortcut.
Decisions on such and similar issues are done by the Chief judge personally based upon consulting the Judge committee.
The entrant must be able to properly use the GPS navigation unit.
Judge committee and GPS officer do not consult the entrants on using GPS units and navigation systems.
In case of emergencies while driving the course and if it is necessary to contact the organizers and/or the Chief judge of the tournament, the entrant can contact via cell phone, text message or convey a message with another entrant.
The entrant shall advise:
- his start number,
- current GPS positioning data,
- brief explanations of emergency and help needed.
Requirements for GPS devices
1. GPS unit – any model of GARMIN.
2. The Navigator must be operational, configured (set-up) and have working power sources.
3. To minimize time for course data analysis, the GPS unit’s memory must be free from all other course data before delivering to the Judge committee (Race office).
If this condition is violated, the GPS officer has the right to eliminate all data from the GPS unit except for the pre-loaded maps. To ensure data persistence, the entrant shall  transfer the data to the PC by himself and clean up the GPS unit's memory before the tournament.
4. The GPS device must be configured before the tournament (by the entrant) to auto record the course with maximum frequency records of track points.
!!!!Refueling and maintenance area will be provided on the course during the race. Mechanics and service vehicles will be allowed to the refueling/maintenance area.
Prescribed time for the entrants of using the refueling/maintenance area is 20 minutes, time will be controlled by the organizers.
The entrant cannot leave the refueling/maintenance area earlier than 20 minutes after entering it.
Race organizers will provide fueling for the entrants on the course track.
At the equipped refueling points the entrants will be supplied with pure drinking water.
Vehicle maintenance is allowed at the designated service zone.
If during a race day the entrant schedules 2 refuels, 2nd one will be on the race time account of the entrant. The 2nd refuel is done on the race time of the entrant and will not be deducted from the result time of the race.
!!!!!For every race day’s start the entrant goes with full tank, the entrant is individually responsible for the refuel of the vehicle before the start and after the finish of the Day 1!!!!!
If any disputes/claims arise, the entrant has the right to file a written protest to the Chief judge within 30 minutes after finishing or after announcement of intermediate/final results, with due description of claimed actions or violated rules. Upon filing the protest the entrant shall grant 3000 RUB, and if the protest is satisfied, the granted amount will be refunded.
For issues not mentioned in these Rules and Regulations, the Organizers will issue detailed additional Regulations, which will be delivered to all entrants.